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Online Banking Security


An additional layer of security for Online Banking.        

The ability to bank and pay bills online is one of the greatest conveniences of the 21st century.

At Salem Co-operative Bank we take our obligation to protect our customers seriously. We are adding an extra

layer of security working 24/7 to protect your Online Banking accounts.

How does it work?
Once you log-in, you will see a screen in Online Banking explaining the enhanced security and prompting you to choose five questions and answer them.

In the rare case that we detect any unusual or uncharacteristic activity, we will prompt you to verify your

identity by answering some of the questions you chose to make sure that it is really you... Most of the time

you won’t notice that the security feature is even there…..but it will still be protecting you 24/7.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) about this security enhancement for Online Banking, click here.


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