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Mortgage Loans

If you are in the market for a new home, consider the benefits of working with Salem Co-operative Bank.  As a Portfolio Lender* we look to keep your mortgage as part of our investments rather than sell it to outside investors. This means from the moment you apply for your mortgage to the exhilaration of making your last mortgage payment, you’ll work with our team of mortgage specialists.  We offer lower closing costs than most banks as well as competitive rates and terms.   Apply online, or for more information click on Mortgage Loans or contact us at 603.893.3333 (Salem) or 978.682.1010 (Methuen).

NMLSR ID# 543601

Consumer Loans

Salem Co-operative Bank offers a variety of competitive, flexible lending options for our customers.  From Home Equity Lines of Credit, Overdraft Protection Line of Credit to Collateral Loans, our experienced team of lenders will help find the best lending solution for your financial needs.  For more detailed information, click on Consumer Loans or contact us at 603.893.3333 (Salem) or 978.682.1010 (Methuen).

* Salem Co-operative Bank mortgage loans are covered by the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) 12 CFR 1024-33(a).  Under this act, the first lien mortgage applicant will receive a Servicing Disclosure Statement regarding the potential transfer of servicing to a different loan service provider.   

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