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                    DEBIT Mastercard ®




Your Salem Co-operative Bank Debit Card gives you instant access to your checking and

statement savings accounts at thousands of ATM machines.  You can also use your card

wherever Mastercard® is accepted and at any ATM or point-of-sale terminal within the Allpoint Network.  When you make purchases with your Debit Card the purchase amount is deducted

from your Salem Co-operative Bank checking account.  The best news is that there’s no annual fee.



Is my Salem Co-operative Bank Debit Card a credit card?

No. It is an enhanced ATM card that can be used for payment on purchases anywhere

Mastercard® is accepted, just like a credit card is accepted.  Your purchases will be withdrawn

from your Salem Co-operative Bank Checking Account.

Where can I use my Debit Card?

You can use your new card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted: retail stores, restaurants, supermarkets, travel agencies, hotels, airlines, etc.  In fact, your card can be used at millions

of locations around the world including many fast food chains.  In addition, you can use it at

Salem Co-operative Bank’s ATM or at thousands of other ATMs worldwide within the Allpoint Network.

Is there an annual fee?

No.  We offer our Debit Card with no annual fee.

Is there a card replacement fee?

A fee may be imposed for excessive card reissues.


How do I use my Debit Card?

When purchasing an item or service, it’s as simple as using a credit card.  When you make your purchase, you will either sign a sales slip (if you select “credit”) or enter your PIN number

(if you select “debit”).  In either case, the purchase amount will be withdrawn from the available funds in your Checking Account.  At an ATM, use your Debit Card and follow the instructions

on the screen.

Are there any surcharges or convenience fees?

If you use your card either at an ATM not owned by Salem Co-operative Bank or to make

a point-of-sale (POS) purchase, you may be charged a fee by that ATM or POS terminal owner,

and by any network used, even if only to make an inquiry.  These fees and surcharges are paid directly to these owners and are not in our control.  Remember, Salem Co-operative Bank is a member of the Allpoint Network and you will not be charged a surcharge or convenience fee if

you use an ATM within the Allpoint Network.

What are the benefits of using my new Debit Card?

The conveniences are many.  There’s no need to carry your checkbook or to spend time writing checks.  You won’t need to carry lots of cash.  Your Debit Card is all you need!  It’s

a money saver, too!  With this card there are no monthly or annual fees, no transactions fees

other than at non-Salem Co-operative Bank or non-Allpoint ATM locations, and no credit card bills!

How do I keep track of my purchases?

You will be provided with a receipt for each Debit Card purchase and ATM transaction.  You

should record each amount in your check register.  All purchases and ATM transactions will be

listed on your monthly Checking Account statement.  If you have signed up for Online Banking

you can view your purchases and ATM transactions as soon as they are posted to your account.

Enroll in Online Banking

What if I want to return a purchase that I made using my Debit Card?

No problem!  It’s just like you’re returning merchandise purchased with a credit card.  Just be

sure to save your receipt in case you need to return an item.  Your rights relating to refunds and returned merchandise are the same as when you pay with cash or credit cards. You must resolve issues of this type directly with the merchant.  It is the merchant’s own policy on refunds and

returns that governs these transactions.

What accounts can I access?

For ATM use, you will be able to access the checking and statement savings accounts you

designated on your application.  Debit Card purchases will be withdrawn only from your

Salem Co-operative Bank Checking Account. If you close your designated account your card privileges will be cancelled and your card will be retained if you try to use it.

If my ATM receipt shows a current balance and an available balance, what is the difference?

The Current Balance is the actual balance in the account on which you inquired.  The Available Balance will include your Current Balance plus your Overdraft Protection/Line of Credit plus the balance in any other Salem Co-operative Bank account from which you preauthorized transfers

to cover overdrafts.


Can both my spouse and I have our own Debit Cards?

Certainly, as long as each of you complete and sign an application.

What happens if my Debit Card or ATM Card is lost or stolen?

Notify Card Services immediately by calling (844) 421-1028.  We will stop the use

of your card and order you a new one.  For more detailed information, please refer to your

Deposit Account Terms and Conditions brochure you received when you opened your account.

What should I do if I cannot remember my personal identification number, or if my

card’s magnetic strip is damaged?

You can contact Card Services directly at (800) 992-3808 or simply stop by the Bank’s office during normal business hours.  We will be more than happy to process a new PIN number and order you a new card.

How can I get more information about Salem Co-operative Bank’s Debit Card or ATM Card?

Stop by to see us or call us at (603) 893-3333.  Our customer service representatives will be

happy to answer all your questions!



Automated banking has become a part of everyday life.  It’s so fast and convenient, both locally

and when you travel. It is a good idea to review common sense safety guidelines, and take

proper precaution when using your Salem Co-operative Bank Mastercard® Debit Card or

ATM Card. 

Protecting Your Card and Your Money

Remember:  Your card is very valuable.  It’s the only way to get access to your account

through the ATM.

  • Never write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on or near your card.  Memorize it!    No one can use your card without knowing the PIN.
  • Never give your PIN to anyone and never tell it to anyone over the phone- no matter         who the caller claims to be.
  • Never give your card to anyone.  It’s like handing them a signed blank check!
  • Keep your card away from heat, sunlight, or anything magnetized, and don’t let it get         dirty or scratched.


Protecting Yourself

  • Be aware of your surroundings, especially when you travel.  All ATM providers try to         keep their ATMs well lit and safe.  But if the lights are out, or if you notice anyone   suspicious,  leave the area and try again later, or try another ATM location.              Remember, your card is honored at thousands of locations. 
  • Have your Debit Card or ATM Card and any paperwork ready before you get to the   machine.  This will save you time and allow you to be aware of your surroundings. 
  • Don’t let anyone see you enter your PIN.
  • Be sure to take your receipt.  It may contain personal information including your      cardholder or account number.
  • If you think your Debit Card or ATM Card is lost or stolen, report this to Card Services iimmediately by calling 844-421-1028 at any time.


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